Reading the Book of Nature

Reading the Book of Nature

Reading the Book of Nature: This is a full length manuscript in which I seek to re-interpret the scientific physical history of the earth to bring it into alignment with the Biblical account.

I open by saying:

Some have said that there are two great books that tell of God. The one is the Bible, the Book of Scripture, which tells us about God, and the other is the Book of Nature, which tells us about what God has done. ...

To men like Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century, the two books seemed in harmony. However ... the modern understanding of the Book of Nature is that it has advanced beyond the understanding of the Bible. [What is believed] is that scientific “advancements” have required that the Bible be reinterpreted. Now the content of the Book of Nature, specifically as it relates to the origins of the universe and life as, put forth by the majority of scientists in the academic environs, appears to be in conflict with what the Bible says.

I do not believe that is true, and in fact is backwards. It is the "Book of Scripture" which brings understanding to the "Book of Nature."

The text is in .pdf format and can be accessed by clicking on the title above or on the navigation button. (This is a long file [2.4 Mb] and may take a few moments to load.)

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