Creation/Evolution Models Compared: Is is scientifically proper to refer to evolution, or creationism, for that matter, as a theory? In reality both are models. This article does a side-by-side comparison of these two models.

The Importance of the Biblical Concept of Creation: Why does it matter whether we believe the Biblical account of creation or the evolutionary doctrine?

The Longest Day: Joshua 10 In Joshua chapter 10 we have the record of a battle where the Israelites needed more time to secure their victory. So Joshua asked God to stop the movement of the sun, i.e. the rotation of the earth, to prolong the day! Is this scientifically possible to stop the earth's rotation and if so, how?

The Implications of the Origins Controversy Does it make a difference what we believe about origins of the universe and the earth? This article explores some of the differences in how we think as a result of what we believe.

Creation vs. Evolution and Politics Today Our Founding Fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were creationists. Did that have an impact on how they designed a government? This article examines that question and looks at how evolutionary philosophies have impacted and changed the original vision of the founders.

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